WFM Outsourcing

Optimised planning by outsourcing both responsibility and activities of the planning process to PlanVille

Planning as a Service

Experts execute your planning process under your direction and management

Comparing WFM Outsourcing and PaaS

Within the WFM Capability Model, outsourcing planning to experts is one way to attain the highest level of Workforce Management: “optimised”. Outsourcing the planning provides the organisation with the ability to focus on its core business. A perfect balance will be achieved between the fields of Customer, Employee and Business.

Via PlanVille, PlanMen offers two kinds of outsourcing, with Planning as a Service (PaaS) and WFM Outsourcing. With WFM Outsourcing, PlanVille is responsible for both process and result. With Planning as a Service, PlanVille fulfills the planning activities under direction and control of your organisation. PlanVille uses your software or supplies software fitting the needs of your organisation. Employees and manager will be able to access the planning via Employee Self Service (ESF) and Manager Self Service (MSF).

Tranferring planners from your organisation to PlanVille is negotiable.

Focus on you core business

Outsourcing planning to PlanVille enable your organisation to completely focus on its core business. PlanVille offers outstanding planning, decreasing cost and assuring quality. As PlanVille is specialist in workforce management, completing the planning process is more efficient compared to organisations which have planning as a supportive process often carried out by employees as an extra task. Outsourcing completely unburdens your organisation.

  • Process responsible
  • Software
  • Dashboard
  • Term of Notice
  • All-In Monthly Pricing
  • WFM Outsourcing
    • 3 months
  • Planning as a Service
    • 3 months


Activities which can be outsourced within WFM Outsourcing en PaaS:

  • Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Tactical and operational planning
  • Flex planning
  • Intraday management
  • Support of Self-Scheduling
  • Analysing the planning process
  • Reporting
  • Managing the WFM process
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