Outsourcing workforce management under your direction

“Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It is a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do”.

– Betsy Sanders –

Planning as a Service

Planning as a Service – or PaaS – is, as well as WFM Outsourcing, one of the outsourcing solutions PlanVille offers. With Planning as a Service, the planningproces is outsourced to PlanVille’s WFM Experts. Your organisations remains in control and is responsible for the process and result. Outsourcing via PaaS implies that your organisation has a clear vision on WFM and high level senior workforce management specialist within your organisation define the framework to be used by PlanVille. Planning as a Service (PaaS) is part of Workforce Excellence, the intermediary phase leading towards the highest attainable WFM Capability with a perfectly balanced planning.

Should you choose for PaaS by PlanVille, we use your planning software within our centralised planning office. If desired, PlanVille will takeover this software. Employees and managers will continue to use the self service tools and options which are already available in the software.

With PaaS, PlanVille is responsible for the fulfillment of the planning activities. PlanVille fulfills these activities under the direction and within the control of your organisation. On the contrary, with PlanVille’s WFM Outsourcing PlanMen is responsible for the result.

Features of Planning as a Service

These features distinguish Planning as a Service from WFM Outsourcing:

  • Primarily focussed on operational support
  • Carried out under your direction and control
  • Using your software
  • You define the vision and framework

Compared to WFM Outsourcing

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