Quality of WFM: achieving the best WFM results. Substantiated and assured.

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Quality assurance of planning

PlanVille assures Quality of WFM in it outsourcing solutions. Transparency and openness are essential. PlanVille invites anyone to come and have a look in our office. Physically, enjoying a cup of coffee together or virtually, observing progress and quality of planning in the cloud.

PlanVille offers a clear overview in the workforce management process outsourced by your organisation. A dashboard shows the progress and and improvements in your planning process. Based on key performance indicators (KPI’s), an objective overview is supplied from the point of view of the customer, employee and organisation. These KPI’s are collected and calculated from operational data in the planning software. The KPI’s are subsequently compared to the organisation’s or department’s targets and objectives. The dashboard is included with WFM Outsourcing and is optional for Planning as a Service.

The dashboard indicates the quality of WFM within the organisation, compared to the WFM Capability Model. What are the opportunities to improve, what potential can be used of both human capital and the organisation?


    • Results based on KPI’s
    • Overview of the potential to improve, both of human capital and organisation
    • Trendanalysis
    • Direction, in other words a WFM roadmap
    • Overview of implemented inprovements.

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