Carefree planning
Outsource your planning to PlanVille, the WFM Expert in The Netherlands
Quality Assurance
Assure results based on objectively measured quality of planning
Outsourcing by result or by task
Outsource the planning process completely or outsource the planning under your direction

WFM Outsourcing

Outsourcing of your planning to the planning experts of PlanVille

Planning as a Service

Experts execute your planning process under your direction and management

Outsourcing of workforce management to achieve workforce excellence

Maximise efficiency in planning by objectively discerning the potential to improve

Compare the different approaches to outsourcing

Compare WFM Outsourcing and Planning as a Service

Quality assurance

How do we assure quality?

A higher level of WFM Capability

PlanVille takes the planning process of organisations to a higher lever of capability in a substantiated and secure way. In order to achieve this, we offer outsourcing of WFM accompanied by quality assurance. In short, by offering our outsourcing solutions, PlanVille increases planning to the highest level and objectively assures the quality of its services.

The name of PlanVille is a combination of the words Planning and Ville. Ville signifies sernity, warmth and togetherness. PlanVille offers stability in workforce planning. We are characterised by thorough and warm personal contact. We are your new co-workers.

PlanVille is a subsidiary of PlanMen, market leader in workforce management in The Netherlands. PlanVille employs the best workforce management specialists complementing your organisation.

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