WFM Outsourcing: Completely outsource the planningproces to PlanVille’s WFM Experts

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves”.

– Steve Jobs –

WFM Outsourcing

WFM Outsourcing is a service offered by PlanVille, outsourcing the complete WFM process of your organisation. Outsourcing frequently is already implemented for activities such as catering, accounting and payroll. PlanVille is specialist in taking over your complete workforce management proces, in other words: the process of workforce planning.

WFM Outsourcing is one of the two outsourcing solutions PlanVille offers. Your organisation can focus on its core business whilst planning can be entrusted to PlanVille’s skilled experts. WFM Outsourcing is part of Workforce Excellence, the intermediary phase leading towards the highest attainable WFM Capability with a perfectly balanced planning.

When choosing for WFM Outsourcing by PlanVille – a subsidiary of PlanMen -, we facilitate the planning software. Of course, you can choose that PlanVille makes use of your organisation’s software. Employees and managers can (continue to) use the self service tools and options which are available in the software. We can also agree, after consulting both the organisation and employees, to tranfer the current planners of your organisation to PlanVille.

Within WFM Outsourcing, PlanVille is responsible for the complete planning process or parts of it. On the contrary, with PlanVille’s Planning as a Service we perform planning activities whislt your organisations retains direction and responsibility over the proces. PlanVille focusses on operational, tactical and strategic planning.

Features of WFM Outsourcing

These features distinguish WFM Outsouring from Planning as a Service:

  • Focussed on operation, tactical and strategic planning
  • Is responsible for both process and result
  • Facilitates the software
  • Reports performance
  • Performance Contract possible
  • Option to transfer WFM Staff from your organisation to PlanVille.

Compared to Planning as a Service

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